Hurricane Yard Prep Quick Tips

Is Your Yard Ready for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is at its peak here in southeast Louisiana. While taking care of your lawn is not at the forefront of the mind for most, especially considering recent events, being prepared can save your home. Have you prepared your yard yet? Here are a few tips to make your preparations a little easier and a little smoother:

TRIM YOUR TREES. Make sure to trim any dead, weak, or low-hanging branches, which may be blown and broken potentially causing damage to your home or property.

TRIM ANY OTHER BUSHES AND PLANTS. Cutting any smaller branches and limbs through the inner portion of a plant allows for increased airflow through the plant, reducing the potential for damage.

REMOVE ANY LOOSE DEBRIS AHEAD OF TIME. As a storm approaches many waste removal companies reduce the frequency of pickups, and many parish pickup services will cancel altogether for the foreseeable future.

MAKE A PLAN. Know what you want to do with any patio furniture, lawn ornaments, and potted plants in case of a hurricane. How will you anchor down furniture? Where will you put the plants? Once you have this figured out, the actual process of storing furniture/plants will go much more quickly.

Have a safe 2016 Hurricane Season,

Your Dependable Green Team!