Fall Lawn Care Tips for South Louisiana!

It is officially (feeling like) fall in Louisiana!

Here are some tips and tricks to keep your yard looking its best this season!

  1. Make a schedule for mowing and watering your lawn, and stick to it! Routine is extremely important, especially in the fall, to keep your yard looking its best!
  2. Want your grass to stay green into winter? Reseed, and over-seed, with cold-weather ryegrass now!
  3. Lower the blades on your mower! Grass is starting to grow more slowly and will need to be mowed less often. Take advantage of it!
  4. Dealing with fallen leaves? If there’s only a thin layer of leaves covering the grass, just mulch it with your mower. Your lawn will appreciate the extra nutrients. However, if the leaves are starting to get thick, its much better to bag them!
  5. Start spraying for winter weeds. Use a pre-emergence herbicide from mid-October through mid-November! Better Homes and Gardens has an awesome season-to-season yard-care calendar to keep you on track throughout the year!
  6. Spray for weeds before mulching! This will allow the herbicide to saturate the soil rather than sit on the mulch.
  7. Wait until after the first hard frost to mulch flowerbeds and never skimp on the mulch! 3”-4” thickness is what’s recommended for southern Louisiana.
  8. Don’t forget to fertilize! You can read more about fertilization at Louisiana Nursery.

Fun Tip for the Season:

Plan on carving a pumpkin this Halloween? Once its been carved, squirt the insides and along the cuts with lemon juice to prevent browning! You can also spray it with a bleach-water solution to slow any mold growth! Happy Fall, Y’all!