New Sod? No Worries! Follow this tip to ensure a successful sod installation in South Louisiana.

Begin caring for your newly installed sod immediately! Soaking freshly laid sod is important to the overall success of your new lawn.

You should begin watering newly laid sod within 30 minutes after installation. The soil on the back of the sod should be damp to wet and the first 4 to 6 inches of underneath soil should be moist.

Typically, sod installed during the hotter summer months will need more water than sod installed during cooler months.

After the first day, it is important to continue to inspect the condition of your new lawn for at least a week longer. Check your lawn twice a day. The new sod should be damp, but not overly saturated or overly dry. While it is important to keep the sod and soil hydrated, make sure that the soil is not too soft and that there are no puddles. If you find either of these conditions in your yard, stop watering to allow they soil and sod to dry out a little bit and slightly reduce your watering routine for the remainder of the week.

After paying close attention to your lawn for the first week, you can significantly reduce your watering schedule. Once fully rooted, you can reduce your watering schedule even further – about once a week (make sure to consider natural watering from rain).