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Relying on our professionals for lawn maintenance will guarantee you get quality work. The team at Four Seasons Groundworks, LLC in Luling, LaPlace & Metairie, LA can take care of everything from lawn mowing services to landscape edging. We have the tools and experience needed to keep your lawn looking great.

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Choose the level of lawn maintenance that's right for you.

Choose the level of lawn maintenance that's right for you.

We know that not every lawn requires the same level of attention, which is why we offer different service levels. Our options extend beyond lawn mowing services. When you partner with us, you can choose from:

  • Basic Landscape - includes flower bed care, weed removal and foliage removal
  • VIP Lawn and Landscape Plus - includes everything in the basic package plus trimming and tree / shrub maintenance
  • All Inclusive Plan - includes both previous tiers plus mulching and seasonal coloring

We can also customize a plan to meet your specific needs. Call us today at 504-319-8727 for landscape edging services and more.

Four Seasons Maintenance Programs


"I need lawn and landscape maintenance. How much is it going to cost?"

This is often the first question we receive from a potential client. It's often one of the first things I ask companies when looking for a service as well! So I understand your need to ask this question AND have it answered. So let me give you some information when if comes to pricing out your maintenance services.

Here are Four Seasons Groundworks, we provide numerous maintenance packages. It could be for basic lawn maintenance, lawn and landscape maintenance, basic landscape maintenance, etc. And not only could it be different types of maintenance, but it could be different schedules of maintenance, such as every other week, every week, or customized throughout the year, depending on season. So these two categories of options affect the price you receive for maintenance.

Our most commonly used package is our VIP Lawn and Landscape Maintenance-Preferred package. This package includes basic lawn maintenance of grass cutting, weed eating, edging and blowing areas, as well as weed removal from landscape beds, removal of small dead plant material as needed and dead foliage. We provide these services on a weekly basis from March through September and biweekly from October through January. We come up with a price for this package by taking a few different things into account. Some of these things include the size of the lawn, the type of grass, obstacles that may be present, such as swing sets, patios, pools etc., trees in the area that may drop leaves in the cool season, the size of the landscape, type and amount of mulch in the landscape (mulch can help reduce weeds and some mulches do a better job than others) and many other things. With this package come the option to either pay per service OR engage in an annual contract at a fixed price per month. We recommend and find that many clients prefer the annual contract because it is a fixed bill each month that does not rise and fall with the number of services in that month AND it qualifies the potential client for a discounted rate. BUT, it you are looking for something short term, or less regular, the price per service option would work better for you.

So, say you don't need lawn AND landscape maintenance. You love riding your lawn mower but cannot stand working in the landscape. That's cool. We can help with that. Our landscape maintenance options can include basic landscape maintenance, landscape maintenance with trimming or ALL INCLUSIVE maintenance (weed maintenance and trimming with annual mulching and semiannual flower installation). We price this option out by number and type of visits in a year as well. Most clients choose a biweekly schedule for weed maintenance. We would provide trimmings 3-6 times per year or more, depending on your needs, mulching in the spring with the option to add a touch up for the holidays and annual installation for the spring and fall. The size and number of shrubs and landscape trees, type of mulch and number of trays of annuals all help determine the prices of these packages. This package is completely customizable to fit your needs and budget!

So we look at it the other way around... "I love working in my landscape, but all I have is a push mower and I AM NOT going buy one of those riding things." We can help with that too! Our basic lawn maintenance packages can be an annual contract or price per service. It could be on the preferred schedule I mentioned above, a minimal schedule (biweekly year around) or ultimate schedule (52 weeks per year) YES. Every single week. But why would anyone need that. Well, say you love a green lush lawn and you decide to spread rye seed (winter grass) for the cool season. Well, that will need to be maintained. Or, maybe you have 25 trees on your property and they are constantly dropping leaves. We can come every week and help with leaf cleanups. So yes, many people have a reason to opt into the ultimate plan, but preferred is MUCH more common. Some people only want the minimal, which is fine. BUT, I do have to be honest when it comes to pricing. Choosing a minimal schedule can be a little most costly in the peak season. When that grass is growing in the summer time and its up to our mid calf at the two week mark, that calls for some extra love and attention, which can increase the price. And all that work our mowers have to do to cut that longer grass will make them need some extra love and attention too. But hey, when it all comes down to it in the end, this just might be the best option for YOU.
So what are some other things that may make our price different from others. Well, I am honored to say that we are licensed and insured. And licenses and insurances aren't free. But that's not all. We have programs and software that help our field technicians provide personalized service to our clients. We engage in educational seminars to best provide services. We even offer benefits to our employees, which creates an atmosphere of an experienced, knowledgeable workforce that wants to give the best service they can. So, there may be a cheaper price out there, but we aren't striving to be the cheapest. :)

So, when pricing out maintenance for your lawn, these are some of the things we are looking at. Don't hold me to this, but an average size yard for basic lawn maintenance can range from 35-$60 per service. So while it is frustrating to hear, "it depends. We would have to take a look to give you an accurate price." Please understand that we are saying that because we want to make sure we give you an accurate price based on an assessment of what you need. And don't forget... OUR ESTIMATES ARE AT NO COST TO YOU!